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Evelyn "Champagne" King - Your Personal Touch
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Evelyn “Champagne” King — Your Personal Touch (1985)

Evelyn “Champagne” King was discovered as a young woman, singing in a bathroom at Philadelphia International Records, where she worked with her mother as an office cleaning lady. After some coaching by a producer, she became a disco star. Which presumably ties in with her nickname. Here she is late career, post-disco, with a funky dance track a la Kashif.

Wish Ft. Fonda Rae - Touch Me (All Night Long)
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Fonda Rae — Touch Me (All Night Long) (1984)

Apologies to The Doors, but this electro-disco track featuring Fonda Rae kills it in the ‘Touch Me’ category. Lady really knows how to wail. And no small coincidence that it’s produced and arranged by one of my favorite disco-era producers, Patrick Adams. Bassline is like a motivational sequence from an exercise vid—and stick around for the demented sample breakdown about six minutes in, where Fonda’s vocal track is deconstructed. So good.

Pixelated crescent moon over lower Manhattan, 3/31/14

Pixelated crescent moon over lower Manhattan, 3/31/14

Ned Doheny
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Ned Doheny — If You Should Fall

from Hard Candy (1976)

Was browsing Numero’s latest offerings and saw they’re re-releasing some material by Ned Doheny. Very smooth SoCal grooves from a native son (Doheny State Beach at Dana Point is named after his family).

Has that very pleasing mid-70s California sound popularized by the Eagles, and indeed Doheny played on albums by Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Linda Rondstadt, and Jackson Browne

Great interview at Wax Poetics delves into his shadowy family history a bit. Recommended reading…

Linda Perhacs
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Linda Perhacs - Children

from The Soul of All Natural Things (2014)

Wow.. Linda Perhacs is back.. and back in full effect! Her voice sounds great - clear as a bell, with that characteristic tremor. Not as trippy as Parallelograms, but then again it ain’t 1970 anymore either. There are some nice “tape” (ok, digital) tricks about 2/3rds in.

Buy digital/cd/vinyl at bandcamp. And she’s on tour too! I would kill to see the show tomorrow night at Pappy & Harriets in Pioneertown.

Brenda & the Beachballs - Every Day Another Dream
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Brenda & the Beach Balls — Every Day Another Dream

from Volume One 12” (1986)

The more I hear, the harder I fall for Brenda Ray - she’s incredible. Love the violin on this. Found this track from her 1986 EP on the Shelflife Records blog, which also has an earlier version of the song from her group Naffi.

Brenda Beachball Ray - Theme from Another Space
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Brenda Beachball Ray — Theme from Another Space

from Ramshackle Rumble (1988/2014)

Sailboat-worthy jam from UK musician Brenda Ray (aka Brenda Kenny), of Naffi Sandwich and Brenda & the Beach Balls. She recorded this track in 1988 but never released it; we have Aficionado Recordings to thank for bringing on these sax-y cruise vibes.

Coiffeur - Guarida
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Coiffeur — Guarida 

from Conquista de lo inútil (2013)

Was surfing through the revamped (and more frequently updated) mp3 blog over at dublab yesterday and came across this amazing dance number from Argentinian artist Coiffeur, aka Guillermo Alonso.

Starts out slow, yes, but you owe it to yourself to stick around until the synth beat drops, about two minutes in. He owns this beat so hard it’s tough to imagine that he used to play classical guitar accompanied by cellos and violins.

You can stream, but not download/buy, the album at bandcamp.

Helado Negro - Las Preguntas
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Helado Negro — Las Preguntas

from Island Universe Story Two (2013)

Saw Helado Negro a few weeks ago* and I’ve been listening to him nonstop ever since. I’d heard a track of his years ago at To The Maxxx, but never paid him mind—mainly because I had no idea he was regularly releasing music and playing shows in my backyard.

Well that’s all changed now, folks. All I listen to day in and day out is my main man Helado. Highly recommend you hightail it over to bandcamp to pick up some of his very economically priced albums. Ultimately, it’s up to you: do you wanna buy that latte, or do you wanna go for an affogato, with a little Helado? Indeed.

*Helado shared the bill with Dylan III, who is pretty much Patrick Bateman incarnate, jamming on a Casio—but I’ll save that story for another time.

Sid Selvidge - That's How I Got To Memphis
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Sid Selvidge — That’s How I Got To Memphis

from The Oxford American Southern Music CD - Tennessee (2013)

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Country Sunday. But a friend just lent me a copy of the latest CD from the Oxford American, the literary magazine, and seemed a fitting opportunity. Some amazing southern gems on there, like this gentle Tom T. Hall cover, performed by Memphis songwriter Sid Selvidge, first released on his 2010 album I Should Be Blue.

I’d never heard of Selvidge before encountering him on this release, and maybe that was partly his own doing. I could have been a disco artist,” he said. “I could have been Milli Vanilli.” But he said he chose to steer clear of the limelight, despite offers from big record companies. He passed away last year.

If you like this, stay tuned, because in just a few weeks Omnivore Recordings will be re-releasing Selvidge’s 1975 classic The Cold of the Morning.

Town Hall, NYC

Town Hall, NYC

Julianna Barwick @ Our Lady of Lebanon Church, Brooklyn

Julianna Barwick @ Our Lady of Lebanon Church, Brooklyn

Ilaiyaraaja - Aathaadi Allikudi
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Ilaiyaraaja feat. Uma Ramanan — Aathaadi Allikudi 

from Thendral Sudum (1989)

Smoking disco synth track from the 1989 Kollywood film Thendral Sudum, directed by Manobala. I don’t know how Ilaiyaraaja comes up with these Casio-cool beats but he’s a master of the game. Uma Ramanan is a playback singer from Tamil Nadu—she scored many of her biggest hits singing on his compositions.

If the cover looks familiar, it’s because Bombay Connection ripped the movie poster for their Ilaiyaraaja comp a few years back, Fire Star. This track didn’t make the cut, but the compilation is well worth the price of admission! (I found this track on another lower-budget Ilaiyaraaja comp called Disco Beats)

Also highly recommended: the movie sequence for this song.

Helado Negro @ Silent Barn last night. He’s got it.

Helado Negro @ Silent Barn last night. He’s got it.

Mark McGuire @ Baby’s All Right, Brooklyn

Mark McGuire @ Baby’s All Right, Brooklyn