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Lamont Dozier - Going Back To My Roots
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Lamont Dozier — Going Back to My Roots

from Peddlin’ Music on the Side (1977)

Last week I posted Teaspoon Ndelu’s South African disco take on ‘Going Back to My Roots.’ Here’s the original funk orgy, by Motown titan Lamont Dozier, the man behind dozens of hits by Martha & the Vandellas, the Supremes and the Four Tops. This track actually has an Afrobeat-style breakdown at the end, so the Teaspoon Ndelu track is sort of an interesting example of musical ideas travelling from Africa > disco America > Africa.

As for Dozier’s other work, you’ve definitely heard some of the stuff he penned: he collaborated with the brothers Eddie and Brian Holland to write dozens of top 10 singles, including “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)" for Marvin Gaye, and 10 of the Supremes' 12 number one singles, like 'Baby Love' and 'Stop! In the Name of Love.'

It’s fascinating to hear what a guy who wrote hits for others for so many years came up with when he was unleashed to do his own album! This track may not be a radio-friendly length, but he certainly hadn’t lost his pop instincts. Check out ‘Break the Ice,’ another track from the album. And practice your disco moves…

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