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King of Jeans, South Philly

King of Jeans, South Philly

Lushlife - Big Sur
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Lushlife — Big Sur

from Plateau Vision (Apr 2012)

Lushlife previews a plush, gorgeously produced track from the forthcoming album Plateau Vision. Hat tip to PopThatRocks, who says: “album is out April 17 on Western Vinyl. Don’t forget to grab Lushlife’s free mixtape from last year if you haven’t yet.”

Indeed. And this track is up for grabs at bandcamp. Record release party at Glasslands April 18th.

The War on Drugs - Brothers
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The War on Drugs — Brothers

from Slave Ambient (2011)

The War on Drugs play tonight at Mercury Lounge—and you can be assured some reverb-drenched, head-shaking, foot-stomping rock jamz from their new LP! Nice…

Summer Fiction — Throw Your Arms Around Me

from Summer Fiction (2010)

New vid by Kevin Chia for Summer Fiction’s ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me,’ crafted with footage from a beautifully shot but not-very-well-liked film about a raging philanderer, Vivre Pour Vivre. Some hallucinatory shots of Times Square circa 1967 and a fantastic dancing scene about halfway through that I really, really wish I could have been a part of.

Bill Ricchini’s perfect album, on the other hand, is neither raging nor hallucinatory. Simple, classic, icy, like each note was plucked from a bowl of melancholy, a love story delivered in a little pill of methaqualone.

Oorutaichi - Sononi
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Oorutaichi — Sononi

from Cosmic Coco, Singing For A Billion Imu’s Hearty Pi (2011)

If a 4-year-old kid playing hopscotch could channel all her thoughts and emotions through synths and sequencers, this might be the result. Oorutaichi (aka Osaka’s Taichi Moriguchi) has put out an album painted full of these surreal musical landscapes, sounds that demand study, and don’t reward easy listening. The beats are cut up, sometimes with the irregularity of throwing jacks, the words a mix of Japanese and make-believe, and the rest of it sounds impossibly hard to coax from a machine.

in 高円寺, by Eric Bossick

He’s been making music for over ten years now, rubbing shoulders with lots of great folks along the way — remixing Lucky Dragons, remixed by Daedelus and EYE (on this album), and in what must have been a facemelting show, opening for Juana Molina's 2009 stop in Philly.

You can stream the album at myspace, and make sure to check out ‘Merry Ether Party’ — just as lush and trippy as you’d expect it to be. Then go buy it at Darla Records, and spend the next two weeks trying to break the Oorutaichi code. He’s touring Japan right now, but word has it he may land stateside soon…get ready!

Sun Airway — Your Moon

live at Johnny Brendas in Philadelphia, Nov 2010

Aside from relishing Nightlands, which is my top priority for tomorrow night’s show at Glasslands, I’m also hoping Sun Airway busts out these great stage visuals. Yes, please show me a campfire through an infrared filter (or whatever it is they do to it.)

But I’m curious how they’ll pull it off with the enormous glowing cloud sculpture installation over the Glasslands stage. At any rate, getting psyched.

Extra, extra!

Nightlands - Glass Vacuum
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Nightlands — Glass Vacuum

from Forget the Mantra (2010)

Peter Pan’s window is open… time to fly away… and this is the soundtrack. Nightlands put out one of my favorite releases of 2010, Forget the Mantra. And I’m really excited (and you NYC folks should be too) because they’re bringing this trips festival to Glasslands on Saturday night, w/ Sun Airway. If they can do these harmonies live I’ll be the guy with the big smile plastered all over my face.

And something I missed the first time around, a book which may or may not have anything to do with the band name — William Hope Hodgson's 1912 horror novel The Night Land, “one of the most potent pieces of macabre imagination ever written,” a novel “describing a time, millions of years in the future, when the Sun has gone dark.”

Now, at the beginning, I did walk outwards into the Night Land, somewhat blindly, and without sure direction; being intent only to put a good space to my back, that I might cure somewhat the ache which did weaken my heart at the first.

But, in awhile, I ceased somewhat from my overswiftness, and did put thought to my going. And I came quickly to reason that I should try a new way through the Land; for it might be that there was an over-watchfulness in that part which had been trod by the Youths.

And I began therewith to set this thought to the practice; and went not direct towards the North; but to the North and West; and so in the end to mean to circle around to the back of the North-West Watcher, and thence to the North of the Plain Of Blue Fire; and afterwards, as might be, have a true and straightway to the North; and by this planning come a long way clear of that House of Silence, which did put more fear upon me than all else that was horrid in the Land.

from The Night Land

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Kurt Vile - Jesus Fever

from Smoke Ring for my Halo (March 2011)

I’m gonna agree with Mark about loving every Vile scrap of music Kurt puts out. And I think it’s his guitar tone. It reminds me of hiking through mossy rainforests in the Pacific Northwest. Or driving dark curvy roads through the redwoods. Don’t ask me why, because I’ve never done any of those things with Kurt Vile as the soundtrack.

Also loving Kurt’s religious riffing. Who doesn’t want a smoke ring for a halo?


Fresh new single from Philly’s own. I’m not ashamed that I love pretty much every scrap of music this man makes. Been watching him play for years, and I’m stoked for his success.  Pre-order the new full-length studio record, Smoke Ring for my Halo from Matador Records coming out on March 8th.

Summer Fiction - Kids In Catalina
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Summer Fiction — Kids In Catalina

from Summer Fiction (2010)

This is one beautiful song. The harmonies just pick you up and carry you away… to Catalina! Where, in fact, I used to go as a kid…

Sail over to the Summer Fiction bandcamp for more. Check out a video for their song ‘Chandeliers’ at yvynyl.

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Nightlands - Til I Die
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Nightlands — Til I Die

from Forget the Mantra (2010)

Robin Pecknold’s still working his little tail off trying to mix the upcoming Fleet Foxes record. In the meantime, Dave Hartley (of The War on Drugs) has created a lush, choral masterpiece with his solo project, Nightlands, which pretty much satisfies all my desires for wintry, harmonic music to prance in the woods by. Sorry Robin.

Know when you stomp really hard on the dirt in the redwoods, and it makes that deep thumping sound, because you’re reverberating so many layers of rotting duff? (It does.) For some reason that’s one of the first things I wanted to do when I was listening to this album. It has weird effects on you.

Nightlands has created a beauty… dream music. And I highly recommend buying it. It’s full of found sounds, uncloistered medieval harmonies and ecstatic fingerpicked melodies. Other things you could do with this album as the soundtrack — drift off to sleep in the desert, gazing at the stars. Or put on a space helmet and just go there.

NYC folks — catch Nightlands at Glasslands in Williamsburg Jan 20th, with Tony Castles.